For the first day/days the following islgende is present:

Nespresso cups
pepper and salt
balsamic vinegar

dishwasher tablets
laundry detergent
dishwashing liquids
cleaning products
garbage bags



shower supplies::
- shower foam
- shampoo
- hairconditioner 
first aid kit
air freshener

Grocery service: cost price + 10 euro.

Do you arrive late or do you just not feel like shopping? We can provide a stocked fridge on arrival.
-250 gr. of minced meat
-pasta sauce
-fresh pasta 500 gr.
-salad 500 g
-orange juice
-eggs 10x
Basic supplies for the first day are available

Making reservations:

If you need help with restaurant reservations, tastings, or events, I can be of help.

In case of a wine tasting in the area, I can bring you to the location and pick you up again, in consultation.

Breakfast service: p/p 10 euro.
If the weather is nice, we recommend having breakfast on the terrace of a local bar/cafe in Cupramontana with a cappuccino and something sweet pastry  to get the true Italian experience. Whilst enjoying the sun, you can observe the way of life in the village and let the morning pass you by. 

However, if you prefer to have breakfast 'at home', it is possible to make a reservation (between 8-10).

This consists of: Bread, yogurt, muesli, fruit, sweets, butter, meat products, milk, an egg of your choice, coffee, or tea. Breakfast is served to you at half past eight.